Sunday, June 27, 2010

This must be my lucky weekend!

 No, I didn't win the lottery. Its even better. Ok, I guess that depends on what you value!  I'm very happy with what I DID win! I became a blog follower  of the velvet lemon, who's creator is Norine, a great scrappy friend of mine from Love Is in The Details.  She had this thing going on that if you became a blog follower she would put your name in a draw to win a prize!  Guess What?? I won!!! [doing the dance of joy]  It's been ages since I've won anything!  Can't wait to see what Norine sent me!  Thanks again Norine!

The goodness doesn't stop there.  I opened my email last night and found out that I won a 1 year subscription to Scrapbook News and Review Magazine!  This is soooo exciting! This is an online magazine which I am sure is awesome, I know some great artists that have had alot of work published there and are on the creative team.

For me, this is better than winning the Lottery!

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