Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Wedding creations

As many of you know,  my daughter got married not long ago, August 6 to be exact.  I had the privilege of making some items for this special day! Now that I have the photos I thought I would share those items with you!

Here is one of the invitations that I made.  We wanted to keep things simple, as we are not fancy people.  The invitations were not all alike.  We had found a pattern paper that had some of the colors she had chosen, but it came in a paper stack.  We decided we would use some of the other papers in the stack that coordinated with her favorite paper of the stack.  The paper stack was by DCWV. 

I wanted to do something unique in place of a guest book, and came up with the idea of using a "sharing" tree.  I cut tags with my Cricut, using the same papers as the invitations.  Now what is a "sharing " tree, you ask?  Well,  I first heard about it as a caring tree created  by Grace, over at Grace's Scrap Attic.  She used her's to display the cards she made, and I took it a step farther by displaying the kids engagement photo's on it!  

This is what the tree looked like at the wedding before the guests signed the tags.

This is what it looked like with the tags hanging on the tree!  The reason I called it a sharing tree is because people were supposed to sign their names and "share" a blessing or prayer or best wishes to the happy couple.  At first I wasn't sure what I was going to use to actually hang the tags on the tree.  I thought of the hooks for hanging Christmas decorations on a Christmas tree, but this was August, not December!  I got the brain wave of twisting a paper clip, making into a  S shaped hook and it worked perfectly, and inexpensive, too!

I love what the photographer did with the wedding rings in this photo!  I cut out, inked, glittered, stickled and doodled 300 of these cute 1 inch flowers!

Here is a basic table number card I had to make at the last minute!  Thank goodness for the Cricut!

Here is one of the place cards I made for family.  Pretty basic,  I just dressed it up a bit with a stamp and ink.

And here is what our family now looks like!  The tall guy on the end is our son!

Thanks for sharing in on this special day with us!


  1. wow you were super all looks great :)

  2. What a great family photo !!!Bonnie you did an amazing job on everything, I love the sharing tree. What did Jerica do with the tags after you took them off of the sharing tree ?

  3. Wow love what you did with the tree im sure your daughter loved it too.Congrats to her and her new husband.Thanks for visiting my blog,you asked about what paper line i used on a layout i used a Teresa Collins piece of paper wish had a large pink velvet swirl on it.The rest i stamped on plain papers then reversed them and cut out the designs.I mostly look for papers that have flowers or designs that i can cut from or i do a lot of stamping and then cut the papers from the stamps.I hope this helps if you have any other questions don't hesitate to ask Take care Kerry xx