Tuesday, December 7, 2010

A home at last!

Hi everyone!  I want to share with you all something I made to store my many ink blending foams! Now I didn't come up with this idea,  my scrappy friend  Lisa made one of these first so I will give her the credit!  Take a look!

I used the cover of a book, and covered it with Basic Grey 's 'Green at Heart'.  I wanted my book to be colorful.  On my last layout I used a paper doily on it, and I had a few "practice" doilies left over and I thought it would be cool to use it on the cover as well.  I used a tape runner to tape all the paper down, and then gave it 2 generous  coats of Mod Podge, inside and out.  I knew that the book had great potential to get inked up [knowing me]and thought it would good to protect it.

Now, in my defense, I must say that I realize I put the foams on the 'wrong' side.  I am left handed and it is my time to rebel against society and mount them in a way that is comfortable for this lefty! lol!  I used 3 sheets of transiencies and put 9 foams with velcro circles per page.  I then made labels for each color [even the ones I don't have yet] all 36 of them!  I only need 5 more!!! 

If you look closely at the opening of the book you can see that the book doesn't close nice and flat. I needed a way to secure it so as not to wreck it going to crops etc.  I have this folder that I keep my sketches in and it is closed with an elastic that is attached to the back.  Seeing that got me thinking and looking, and sure enough, I found some elastic, colored it with Alcohol ink, attached the elastic with eyelets and TADA!  I now can close my book properly!

This is what the whole cover looks like from behind, and you can really see what the doily looks like.  I'm pretty proud of myself, venturing into uncharted waters for me!  Thanks for taking a look, and hopefully leave inspired to make a home for your foams too!