Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Zipper Flower Tutorial


Supplies needed:

Scissors                             button or pearl embellishment for flower center.
Zipper- size varies on the size of flower you want to make.  This zipper is approx 26”. The metal teeth zippers work the best as they are stiffer, but the nylon ones work as well for smaller or less structured looking flowers.

Cut the Top Stop and the Bottom Stop off the zipper and slide off the zipper Pull, separating the zipper into 2 parts. Set aside on half for a different project.

Keep in mind that I am left handed, so, if you are right handed you will probably be folding your zipper the opposite direction.

Take one end of the zipper in your hand and make a loop/petal, making sure that the teeth of the zipper is always on the outside of the loop. The size of the loop will depend on how big you want your entire flower to be, and the length of your zipper.  Take your needle and thread [double for added strength] and come up from underneath through all layers and back down to secure.

Continue making loops/petals and securing until you have completed 5 loops.

This is what it should look like when all five petals are done.  You should have a tail of zipper left over that is approximately 4 inches long.

Now take the remaining zipper and from the open end, roll it up like shown in the photo and set it into the middle of the loops/petals.

Take your needle up through the bottom of flower and through the side of the rolled up center and out the other side, and back down to the underside of the flower.  Do this several times to secure.

Now you have completed the main structure of the flower and you can leave as is, or embellish it the way you like!

Here are some that I made, and embellished.  The flower I made for my layout “simple pleasures” is embellished with lace,  Diamond Dust on the teeth, and glittered pearls for the center.  This Tutorial is for sharing and everyone to try!  If you make one, I'd sure like to see it!


  1. Love your blog. I did a similiar tutorial but love how you added the lace and diamond dust.
    Hugz, Z

  2. Hi, this is just soooo great! Love it :-) Have a nice day.

  3. This is amazing! If I hadn't seen it I wouldn't have known you could do such a thing with a zipper. Beautiful!! You have such a talent!

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